Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bad Moon Rising Over Oz

 Bad moon rising over Oz is a version of The Wizard of Oz like nothing you’ve ever read before... And is not for the squeamish or the weak.

Auntie Em has made a deal with the devil. She gave up her niece, Dorothy’s soul in return for a plentiful harvest. Em was smart and worked a clause into the contract… Satan could only have Dorothy’s soul in death, but she must also agree to meet the dark lord himself and shake his hand.

Everything is going splendid until… A tornado strikes, killing Dorothy, hurdling her and Toto a shape-shifting Scottish terrier, into a beautiful land of happy midgets and bright flowers.

Unaware of her untimely demise or any satanic contract, she embarks on a journey through the Land of Oz, seeking the great wizard in hopes that he will return her home. As Dorothy unwittingly marches through hell, she begins to notice that nothing and no one is what it seems and there is no turning back…

There is indeed a bad moon rising over Oz.

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ExcerptThe solid structure finally landed on the ground and Dorothy woke up to her vomit covered pooch licking her face. Toto turned back into a dog and she would be none the wiser. Dorothy rose from the floor where she’d been lying in a pool of her own blood. She got up very easily, due to the adrenaline pumping through her body. She went into the living room and ran out the front door, unable to believe her eyes. Stopping, she rubbed the back off her head, feeling that it was fine. Then she stuck her hands out in front of her and examined them closely. “Toto, my fingers are fine and my head feels great, which is weird, I have blood all over me.”

 Dorothy heard the sound of birds chirping. Lush daisies and other fragrant arrangements extended out far as the eye could see. She heard giggling and one by one, people emerged up from the flower beds’. They were much shorter than Dorothy and had petite features. They were definitely grown adults and there was a whole legion of them. Enough to fill an entire city. Dorothy thought they were so adorable with their elf like hats with little bells that jingled when they walked.

 An elegant woman came toward her. She was dressed in white and looked exactly like what Dorothy imagined an angel would look like. But she couldn’t be a soldier of God, could she? No, I am alive. I can’t be dead, can I? “Is this heaven?” Dorothy blurted.

 The angelic woman and the little people couldn’t contain their hysterical laughter. “No, this is definitely not heaven. But you are a hero, Miss Dorothy.”

 “A hero?”
 “You saved us. You killed the evil Witch of the East and you have freed our people, so it’s only right that you have her shoes.” The woman dressed in white explained.

 “I can’t take her shoes, it wouldn’t be right, and how do I even know if they will fit?”

 “They are magical shoes. Look at the way the rubies shimmer in the sunlight. Those shoes are the only thing you have to save you!” The woman said as she waved her magic wand and the shoes lifted off. “I actually brought them for you, but she stole them.”

 The woman in white didn’t explain, but she was referring to the most powerful witch to ever live. She practiced the darkest of magic’s and even now in death, she ruled by the side of the dark one. When her heart was set on something or someone, she couldn’t be stopped and she wanted Dorothy’s soul for her master.

 “Those shoes don’t look very comfortable. Don’t you have another pair in the house?” A little man with bright green hair inquired. “You have a very long journey home.”

 “I can go home?” Dorothy squealed.
 “Yes, you can. Now go, change into something comfortable,” he explained. What was left of Dorothy’s welcoming committee, were pushing the front of their hands forward, motioning her to go change her blood stained attire.

 Dorothy returned wearing a charming knee length, blue and white cotton dress, including a red bonnet that matched her shoes. Her hat was the same color, but didn’t have the sparkle the shoes had. 
 A very petite, almost pretty munchkin walked up to Dorothy. “You look very nice, but why are you in such a pretty dress and fancy shoes?”

  “I wanted to look nice for my family when I get back home, and besides, my feet feel wonderful.”
 The little woman proceeded to try to pull the shoes off her feet, but Dorothy jumped back. “You don’t touch those,” she snapped.
 “But you must go to the city of Emeralds and ask to see the great wizard. He will help you get home, but it’s a long journey,” the small woman explained.

 “How do I find this Emerald place?” Dorothy couldn’t wait to get home.

 “You must follow the yellow brick road.” The group of small ones replied smiling. Their hats jingled as they disappeared back into the flowers.
 Dorothy looked down and the road before her appeared to be bricks made of pure gold, traced with silver grout. A little bluebird landed on her shoulder and sang a cute song. Dorothy crooked her finger at Toto, picked up her basket that housed her lunch and they set out on their journey.
 As Dorothy walked away, unbeknownst to her, the flowers turned to ash, the munchkins turned to little demons with ugly, red faces. The road behind her was paved with broken bones, crushed human skulls and the sun turned to black.

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