Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fantasy week: Books

Welcome to fantasy week. As a writer and publishing company owner I encourage and help you to indulge in your fantasies. Let’s face it we all have them. Each day this week we are going to discuss a fantasy. Today’s topic is books... Can you see yourself as a character in a book? Do tell...

Are you hunted, alone in the dark of winter?

Have ghosts overtaken your mind?

Is your husband trying to kill you?

Perhaps you existed a long time ago in land far, far away.




You could be Anita Blake. Talk about a Badass...

I have wanted to be several of Nora Roberts characters over the years, because she writes such strong woman and I fancy myself as such.

Trust me, every girl wants to be Sabrina Swann


Do you have what it takes to play "Hunger Games"?

‘Donavon Creed’ is awesome and if you were lucky enough to be a character in a John Locke book, then you are loved by millions.



When I was a girl I dreamed of being Mary Lennox. Books are so special aren't they? You don't feel as much of character as you do when you are reading their lives and using your imagination.


Ha, ha, ha, I don't have to dream about being a character in a book. I am in several of Robin Renee Ray's books.

My fantasy if were to dream about being a book, but as I mentioned earlier I don't have too *smiles* I would like to be Sookie.

There is nothing wrong with awakening erotic fantasies through literature.



I am not a fan. This is a special shout out to my friend and future Hellfire Publishing author, Jamie Sue Wilsoncroft.

Do you vant to bite my neck?


  1. Haha. God love ya girl. I sure love my Edward. Hehehe

  2. I should have said Jamie Sue aka the 'real' Bella , lol :)

  3. I think we all know that I am a, Bloodbreeder..LOL Nothing else to even say about that. ; )