Friday, May 11, 2012

Fantasy week: Fantasy Guy or Gal

Welcome to fantasy week. As a writer and publishing company owner I encourage and help you to indulge in your fantasies. Let’s face it we all have them. Each day this week we are going to discuss a fantasy.

Who is your hot fantasy guy or gal? I have a list :) Please only characters or actors, actresses. Not anyone you know personally.

I have compiled some pics of some people I know that defiantly make the all-time fantasy/hottie list.

My husbands favorite...he calls her Mega-Fox

What woman doesn't want to bed this? That smile. oh-my-god!

Jenson Ackles is another one of those hotties that every gal loves.

Sean Connery has been hot since the 60's

I ♥ Sam Elliot

My favorite, as every one knows already, lol :)

My hubby's other pic, Scarlett Johanssen

Gerard Butler, as sexy as they come.

For my BFF

There are no words...

How you doin?

You can't forget 'Superman'

One lucky blog commenter will have the chance to win the print copy of ‘Inamorata’ when it comes out.


Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!


Monday’s winner of a print copy of The Hellfire Hot Reads Collection is...Abigail Madison Chase.


Wooohooo! Congrats, Abigail, you will have a print version before the authors do :)



“You” could be today’s winner, all you have to do is comment.


  1. Benedict Cumberbatch and/or Alexander Skarsgard! ;)

  2. Either of the Winchester brothers (Depends on my mood)! And if I was to mention a female... Angelina Jolie as Tombraider! <3
    Great blog demon momma!

    1. Lyn, we are in complete agreement, except I am not a Jarod fan :) So how about you take Padalecki and I will take Jensen, oohhhh sounds like an awesome night out on the town, lol :-)

    2. Sounds good to me!!! woot woot! <3

  3. Leeloo from Fifth Element springs to mind....

  4. Anonymous, Eric Northman, now you are talking, wooohahahaha! LOL :)

  5. FYI that's not Sean Connery its look-a-like,

    Also I missed Robert Downey JR on that list!!