Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fantasy week: Fantasy life

Welcome to fantasy week as a writer and publishing company owner I encourage and help you to indulge in your fantasies. Let’s face it we all have them. Each day this week we are going to discuss a fantasy. Today’s topic is...your fantasy life. What does it look like, is it simple or are you a Greek God?

Perhaps you just want love...

Or a simple little house on the beach

Your fantasy could be that you are extremely wealthy

Complete with Porche

I am very shallow; in my fantasies I am rich beyond any ones wildest dreams :)

I can swim in my bathtub


I get lost in the wine cellar


I have a six room library

Oh and of course I am good at everything, I can play every instrument, sing like Celine Dion and act and dance.


  1. In my fantasy life I am wealthy, I don't work, yet I live a very simple life. I own a book store and lots of hot guys work for me. I have a simple brick home with a maid and a butler both are male and wear really tight pants.....

  2. Oh, Abigail, you and I have almost the same fantasy. I however live in a huge haunted house with a swimming pool. There's a great pool guy. Mostly for my fantasy life, I don't have to do anything especially in the morning. I love mornings. I love to be able to get up early and drink tea and watch the sunrise and read.