Thursday, May 17, 2012

For Women Only: What’s wrong with us?

For women only: What’s wrong with us?
I am a huge fan of The Closer. Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is a strong, capable woman. I fancy myself as such a woman. That’s probably why in reality I am, in fact that...I attract it. That’s a conversation for another day, that doesn’t just apply to women.

There is a scene in an old Closer, where this sick, twisted fire bug–Bill Croelick, that Brenda once put away, gets into her house and threatens her. Right in the middle of Bill’s ‘visit’s’, Fritz, the gorgeous, strapping, FBI agent that is married to Brenda, comes home and the pyromaniac flees. I am screaming at the television “thank God that Fritz is home, he will kick that guy’s ass and protect her...  She doesn’t even tell him.  Man! Fritz notices that the dinner table candles are lit but Brenda lies and tells him that she lit them for him. I understand that the show staff couldn’t write it the way I wanted, because she is supposed to be very self-reliant. Being the Deputy Chief of Police leaves no room for weak knees. She can’t be a sniveling simp that goes to her husband for protection. So this begs the question: why do we want the man to protect us, but yet want to do everything and be enduring all on our own? Isn’t that having it two ways at once? I am so confused right now.... But that is every woman I know, including me. My husband is able bodied and scares danger away with a look, but he better not stick his nose in my business, because I can handle...myself! That’s right!

I look forward to getting down to the bottom of this subject with other women.

Cute, isn't he? But his character is not!

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  1. because everyone needs a break from being a superhero. and ya gotta feel safe in some area of your life. my man protects me from bugs and chases off the neighborhood kids when they get too rowdy on the front lawn. but i'm the one that handles the business end of our world. i face down the bad customer service people, evil warlord bankers and i've even been known to joust with the hoa.

    the big ol' S on my chest is safe and sound there, but when it's in the wash, i feel safe knowin' my man is guarding the castle. ;)

  2. Anonymous, thank you. That sounds like an awesome, well balanced life. And what I am taking away from this is we need men to kill bugs, lol. That's very true :)

  3. lol! yep. bugs're gross. ;)

  4. Oh, Keira, you do not understand the discussion (we discuss, not argue) which occurred when I told my boyfriend to stop opening doors for me (especially the car door). I am a person who always has to keep moving, to keep doing things, to see a goal and go about accomplishing it. To just stand there and wait for a door to be opened, for the car door to be unlocked, for my boyfriend to walk around the car and open his door and get in...incredibly inefficient and wasteful.

    Besides it is easier for me to do things myself than to explain how to do them and then be unsatisfied they were not completed to my ultimate satisfaction. It is an ego thing, nobody can do my business as well as I can.

    But yes, I definitely believe my man need to be there to kill bugs and deal with the annoying neighborhood kids! Also my bf is uber awesome and cute when he is in his protective mode :)

    1. Julanne I totally love the way you explained that. It really put it in perspective for me. But what does he do to the neighborhood kids? wahahahaha! HeeHee :)

  5. Great topic for discussion! My boyfriend is perplexed by this very thing, LOL. He has seen me go up against a 6’5” Neanderthal in a bar, because the guy called his girlfriend a “B***H”, and it was uncalled for, but has seen me totally freak out because of a mouse, spider, snake or a bat in the house. Oh and June bugs; disgusting creatures they are! So being my “protector” in those cases makes my guy, my super hero! I also think he needs to feel like “THE MAN” every once in a while LOL.
    However, a more independent woman you will not meet! I learned at an early age how to take care of myself. It wasn’t so much by choice as it was necessity. I depend on no one, for anything. I cringe if I have to ask someone for help of any kind. I’m not sure if that makes me strong, or foolish. I will struggle with something for hours trying to figure out the problem, when if I had just asked, I could have moved on in mere minutes.
    With all that said, the woman in me would love to be pampered. Bring me a cup of coffee in the morning, hell, bring me flowers for no reason! Independence and being strong, doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel respected or appreciated!

    1. Very true, I think part of men being heroes (in our eyes) is leaving us to do what we will but swoop in when needed. And damn right they best have a cup of coffee in hand, and be shirtless... and... LOL :)