Monday, May 7, 2012

Fantasy week: Movies

Welcome to fantasy week as a writer and publishing company owner I encourage and help you to indulge in your fantasies. Let’s face it we all have them. Each day this week we are going to discuss a fantasy. Today’s topic is the movies... Can you see yourself as a star or a character in a movie? Do tell...

For those of you that see yourself as a hooker that is saved by the sexy millionaire, you will enjoy the last 6 minutes of Pretty Woman. I do enjoy this Movie.

Maybe you’re a God!

Are you a Goodfella?

Fast and Furious?

Can you pull off the biggest Casino heist that Las Vegas has ever seen?

Would you steal Eleanore to save your brother?

I am Batman

I would love to be this, Badass

Can you see yourself as an Avenger?

Maybe your a romantic

Perhaps, you'll...'Say Anything'

Of're a Vampire, or in love with one.

Would you stay at the 'Overlook'?

If I could be absolutely any Character in a movie...I would be Satan.

One lucky blog commenter will have the chance to win the print copy of "The Hot Reads Horror Collection” when it comes out in print.

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Come back tomorrow for TV show characters :)



  1. Ingrid Bergman played,Anna Kalman, 1958, Indescreet, with Cary Grant

    1. Rockin character :) That's the spirit Abigail :)

  2. I am the Star Child from "V". Just thought you should know... :P
    <3 Lyn <3

  3. I am a Goodfella no doubt!!! I would be the one they would call to do the whackin' and I would more than likely enjoy it. ; ) To be honest I have thoughts about doing it all the time....some would say it is the very reason that I kill so many off in my work..LOL Better there than in real life...right...LMAO

    I would be best in a Rob Zombie movie! They just rock and if the characters can't get away with it, they just go out in their own way. ;)

    1. Oh my God! Rob Zombie is the best I love him. And your thin and pretty with the long hair you would be perfect for a rob zombie flick. I could see his next movie, new Mexico housewife turned vigilante seriel killer! Woooohoooo

    2. I agree Keira, Rob Zombie's work is amazing and I would love to see him bring some of my work to life..LOL Not to mention write one just like you just created. ;) That statement just put a spin in my head..LOL