Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fantasy week:TV

Welcome to fantasy week as a writer and publishing company owner I encourage and help you to indulge in your fantasies. Let’s face it we all have them. Each day this week we are going to discuss a fantasy. Today’s topic is Television... Can you see yourself as a character in on TV?

You could be a Doc.

A Fangbanger

Kono is the shit! I would love to be an ass kicking cop in Hawaii. But anyone that knows me also knows that I love Alex O'loughlin. You will see him more this week as fantasy week continues *Keira winks*

It would be so cool to be part of the Big Bang Crew

Maybe you’re a crime scene Investigator.


A gray area Lawman

The Closer

A Dirty Cop

A Fireman

A desperate Housewife

A Beautiful kick ass Lawyer

A Friend


A Ghosthunter

Being Lois Lane would be cool

When I was young I wanted to be Laura Weber Spencer from General Hospital and molded one of my characters after her, can you guess which one?


  1. Good Morning :)

    I am so excited; “The Fireplace” is smok’in hot this morning. Look at all those hotties guys and gals a like.

  2. I would be a fang banger... I should probably say something professional like a doctor, but no, fang banger all the way! :D

    Great blog Keira!