Friday, June 8, 2012

Toe Tags and Tequila

Check out Hellfire Publishing’s newest, a New Orleans set horror novel, just released today!
Benjamin Cain is struggling to adapt in a post Katrina ravaged New Orleans as he ekes out a life as a mortician’s assistant. With nowhere else to turn for comfort, he clings to a tequila bottle while he slowly loses his grip on reality. However, Cain is about to find out that alcohol only burns the throat and chest but it’s what’s in the chest that burns the soul. Goaded by devils and delusions to seize control of his destiny, he devises a covetous scheme to get his life back on track. Yet when his plans come to fruition, Cain finds out that no one escapes their sins.


 “I already shot you, Bob—you’re not stupid enough to think I won’t do it again, are you?”

“You patched up my leg, Cain. You’re stupid, but you’re no fool. You kill me and you’ll get the death penalty. You’re in enough trouble, tough guy. Untie me now and maybe you’ll get off with just assault rather than attempted murder.”

“Get on your feet, Bob.” Cain said pulling Fontenot up by the rope around his neck.

Once on his feet Fontenot gasped for air but then looked proud and satisfied, as though he had caught Cain in a bluff.

“The keys better be under the seat, Bob.” Cain said shoving Fontenot towards the door.

Outside, the doctor led the way to the SUV. With the padded barrel of the gun, Cain prodded him onward.

“Under the driver’s seat,” Fontenot motioned with his chin.

Cain retrieved the set of bright metallic keys from under the seat.

“If you get so much as a scratch on my new truck, you’ll wish you had killed me.” The look on Fontenot’s face was a mixture of hate and arrogance.

Cain opened the backdoor of the SUV. “Get on the floor” he ordered. His voice cool and steady.

“Screw you,” Fontenot blustered.

Cain drove his knee into Fontenot’s gunshot wound. Under the weight of the pain, the doctor fell into the floorboard of the backseat. A legion of voices compelled Cain forward, urging him to let go of reason and hold on to instinct.

“He’s not so big now is he? Do it. Where are his snide comments now? Do it. Show him that you’re not weak. Do it. Show yourself, you’re not weak. Do it. We’re waiting. Do it. Do it!”

Cain placed the gun to the back of Fontenot’s head.

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