Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall is on the way

Fall is on the way.

You know me as either Dawn Binkley, executive editor at Hellfire Publishing or as one extreme to another (romance to horror) writer, Keira Kroft.

I would like to talk about my favorite season of all…fall.

Football: There is already a cool crispness in the air, here in Oak Lawn. I was able to kill the air conditioning over the last few days and pre-season football started. Now, I will wait patiently for our first official Sunday game of the Chicago Bears game (da Bears!) Late August begins with preseason football my favorite sport of all and then goes on to the full season in September—yeah baby!

Autumn Television: My fall preview (because it only comes to me, lol) TV guide comes in the mail and I actually take their pre-printed schedule out and sit with the family and highlight what shows we will watch. Big Bang Theory and the new Chicago Fire will be on that list for sure. Then I will fill up the DVR for those moments we can spend together watching a little TV, it’s usually only an hour at dinner each day, but we enjoy it. And let us not forget the hot release of all those Christmas romances, squee.

Like: I love the fall season and all that entails and all of the above mentioned bliss is followed by pumpkin (I love anything pumpkin flavored) season, Affy Tapples and the leaves changing. Then comes Halloween, my favorite time of year. It’s not too hot, nor too cold, is it just right. I absolutely adore the costumes, the parties and the horror stories. I have loved that since I was kid. As an adult I have come to be infatuated with the deep lure of Halloween, as have many of you. We are into another century where people are fascinated by ghost, goblins and all the other creatures that go howl in the night.

Love: My two businesses, my writing career and my family and friends. I am anxious to hear what you love most during the fall season and all year long.

Two lucky commenters will win the Hellfire Hot Reads Collection, volume one.

Happy fall!

Dawn Binkley
Executive editor
Hellfire Publishing

Also known as:
Keira Kroft,

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