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BITTWT: Inamorata Day!

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It’s Inamorata Day! Yey!


Inamorata definition:

A female lover or a woman who is loved.

Laura Easter lives in and owns a comic book store in mall. If you asked Laura what she suggests you read. She would tell you the Avengers Sanction; it is a comic book that will lead into the biggest story of the summer, Avengers Vs. X-men. That’s going to be legendary.


Laura Easter ~ Inamorata


Anna Claire is the immortal house maid to the Sturdevant clan. Over the following months she will share recipes and cleaning tips.


How to store your Vampire


You need a cool dry place free of clutter and sunlight. This can be either a traditional coffin, an underground box or even a sealed bedroom is okay.

Perhaps one of the first questions asked about vampires is the nature of their sleeping habits.  Where do vampires sleep?  Do vampires have to sleep in coffins?  Are vampires only able to sleep under a layer of dirt?  Must vampires sleep during the day?


Do vampires sleep at all?

This is one of those cases where it depends on which variety of vampire to which you’re referring.  If you’re talking about the fictional Twilight vampires then the answer is a resounding, no, they do not require sleep.  This isn’t the case with real vampires.


Unfortunately, not every real vampire is a cookie cutter copy of the next so there’s no general rule they all follow when it comes to sleep. 


Basically, vampires are just regular people who have an energy deficiency.  Like other living creatures, vampires need sleep, too.


Anna Claire~Inamorata



Complete synopsis


Inamorata is the first Novel in the “One Bloody Night Series”.


They are supposed to be low key and get their nightly fix from a bag. But what if they could spend a cozy evening eating an old fashioned meal and then when they were done they would simply set the place on fire and walk away—no one would be the wiser?


That’s the plan when a group of rogue Vampires has poisoned the entire security staff at a Christmas Eve party at a mall in Chicago and proceed to take over for the evening and feast upon their own kind of tradition, four house keepers, a maintenance man, a girl who lives in the mall, a lonely late night worker and a couple who have escaped to the department store where she works so their spouses wouldn’t be privy to their affair and some other delightfully unexpected guests.


Everything goes exactly as they expected until the group leader Lucius Sturdevant, and second oldest Vampire to date, realizes that the woman that lives in the Comic book store that is trying to figure out how to kill him is the reincarnation of Laura, the love of his life, that died in his arms of old age, because he didn’t have the heart to turn her.
Coming Late Fall/Winter 2012

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  1. I still think this sounds like an awesome book and I can't wait to read it...This is a great site, by the way.


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    Thank you :) I took me a long time to get organized, but I am finally there.