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Blood is Thicker Than Water Thursday’s, Mercy Brown

Blood is Thicker Than Water Thursday’s—This day is devoted to Vampires and the like.


Do Vampires really exist? What do you think? Wait! Before you answer, read the story of Mercy Brown.


Mercy Brown
It was January 17th, 1892 in the small town of Exeter, Rhode Island, when Mercy Lena, the daughter of farmer Brown, fell victim to the unfortunate fate of death. The epidemic of Consumption took her life when she was only 19 years old. The cold winter weather made it difficult to bury her in the frozen grave, so she was placed in a crypt, close to the corpses of her mother and sister that had been laid to rest years earlier after their battle with Consumption. Not long after her death, Mercy’s older brother Edwin had succumbed quickly to the same disease that took his family, and claimed that one night he had felt Mercy sitting on his chest, trying to take his life away. Townspeople started experiencing strange sitings of Mercy, seeing her walking around the cemetery and in the farm fields. The town concluded that Mercy must have been a vampire and had returned from the grave to unleash her curse on the rest of her family, taking their life force away one by one.

    Cases of vampirism were taken very seriously, so two months after her death, Mercy’s father had a few town officials and a physician from Wickford, Dr. Metcalf, go to the crypt and put an end to the matter. They dug up Mercy’s dead mother and sister to make sure that they were each not the vampire responsible for the Brown family curse. Their bodies were decaying at the anticipated rate, so it could be concluded that they were not vampires. However, when they opened Mercy’s coffin, they were overcome by shock and fear because of the image that lay before them. She had shifted positions in her coffin and her face was flush, her skin intact, and her nails and hair had noticeably grown. They then sliced her body open and discovered that her heart and other organs were full of liquid blood. These were all telltale signs that Mercy Lena Brown was a vampire, immortalized and determined to kill all of her lasting family members. 

    To ensure that Mercy would never arise from her coffin again, they immediately burned her heart on a nearby rock. Some of her ashes were given to Edwin to eat, for it had been said that consuming a vampire’s ashes would cure one of their curse. Only this remedy was not successful for poor Edwin and he died shortly after. Mercy’s lasting remains were then properly buried under a gravestone that still stands to this day. Some say that if you visit her grave at night, you can see her apparition in the form of a glowing orb or, if you are lucky, as a ghostly figure of her human body. Others have experience unexplainable car problems while passing the cemetery were she resides. Even long after her death, her legend and spirit continue to haunt the people of New England.
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  1. Great entry, very interesting. Loved it. The old style lettering was a little hard to read for me at least, but it was worth the effort. Kudos.