Friday, September 28, 2012

Freaky Friday: Jade Slate

Freaky Friday presents the awesome Robin Renee Ray.
Robin Renee Ray is an unbelievably great, natural born writer, she is so good, sometimes I wonder if she is possessed by one of the writing greats of our time. But as great as her work all is, I have to say the character of Jade is my personal favorite, now with this story I filled my You Tube playlist with all my favorite dark music like Summer Breeze by Type O’ Negative, plenty of Marilyn Manson and some horror soundtracks. I put on my headphones and this story kicked ass— like jade slate!

I highly recommend all of Robin’s stories. Without further ado, I would like to introduce...


Jade Slate

All demons should wear tight leather and ride Harleys.




Hell had no idea what kind of creature it held, until she found a way to escape its fiery grip. Jade had taken her fill of being the hand -madden to the keeper of hell himself, often finding herself in the bed of his son to steal the secrets that would set her free. Now on the run from the Grim Reaper, she gains her strength from the flesh and blood of the day walkers. It’s one of those very beings that she takes compassion on that puts her on a different walk that could very well place her on a path that no blood demon would follow.



The demon opened its lipless mouth and screamed, throwing black, foul smelling slime all over Jade’s face. She turned her head and kicked out, hitting the disgusting being in its midsection. As it doubled over, Jade brought her blade down on the back of its deformed head. The creature dropped to the ground as the silver orb sank back into the sidewalk. The demon’s corpse turned to ash and blew away with the rest of the garbage. Jade gathered herself, knowing the son of sin wouldn’t be far behind.

     “Hey lady, you lookin’ for a good time?” a slender, young boy asked.

     “Not from you, little boy. You are no more than a mouth full.”

     “I’ll do anything you want, and I’ll do it for a twenty.”

     “Go home,” she snapped.

     “I am home, lady. You won’t find anything better out here. I’ll do you for ten.”

     “Get the hell away from me, kid. You do not want to taste my pleasures.” Jade pushed him with more force than she meant to use, knocking him to the ground.

     As Jade walked away from the filth incrusted boy, she reached into her pocket, then threw a fifty at him. Seeing a child on the streets was no concern of a she devil like Jade, not even in the worst of situations. Or so she thought. She looked back to see three older boy’s kicking the one who propositioned her just moments before and taking the money she had given him. She smiled and shook her head. Dinner was going to be something of a three course meal.
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