Monday, September 10, 2012

Magic Monday: The secrets to a sustaining a long relationship.

Welcome to Magic Monday
Today is the day of Romance here on Keira’s Corner. Today I would like to talk about the key to sustaining a long and happy relationship.

Some woman look at guys as really hot, and that means they are awesome. Yeah...right! Most women know that it’s more about how the man treats you. The reality all matters. But the key is finding that person that you truly love and are completely compatible with and when you find it you will know it, trust me.

I got together a list of woman that know how to sustain a long relationship read below to see what they have to say.


Keira’s Secret
A.K.A. Dawn Binkley
Married since March 31, 2001

Our secret: We are soul mates, and we both know it. We also share many, many mutual interests. We also, have two rules. pea’s under the bed. matter how upset we are with each other, we hugs and tell each other that we love each other when we leave each other for any reason. We have the same rule with our daughter. Because you never know when that person leaves, if it’s going to be the last time you see them. It’s horrible to say, but things happen. Do you really want the last thing you say to your husband or child is I hate you?

Sharon’s Secret

Sharon’s Schofield

Married for 32 years.

The secret? For us I think it’s because we are also friends. My hubby is my best friend.

Mel's Secret

Mel Chelsey

Married for  11 Years

The secret to a long relationship? Communication and don't take each other for granted. We talk about everything. The one thing he taught me is that a relationship is not a 50/50 partnership. It is 100%/100%. If one spouse is working outside of the home, the other runs the household and does the usual chores. Doesn't matter if it is the husband or the wife. The responsibility falls to both people, not just one. And don't take advantage of that, either. If there is something you can do to help the other, do it. It also helps that we have a lot in common and just enough differences to make it interesting. I'm sure he and I will still be having great conversations well into our future. :)

Dorothy's Secret

Keira's Sister
Together with Jerry for 4 years

Jerry and I have been together 4 years. Our secret is to "pick our battles" and to always "have each others backs".

Robin's Secret
Robin Renee Ray
Married for 25 years.

Our secret is to "pick our battles" and to always "have each others backs". We have been together for over 25 years and I believe its because we are completely different in every way. Some say you have to have at least a little in common but I disagree...we don't watch the same shows, we don't like the same music and for the most part we don't like doing the same things. But we do have that one thing...Love! And also I love to cook and he loves to eat..LOL
Our secret is to always agree to disagree! To listen even when you don't want to hear it.... I let him think he's right, even when I know I am. :)

Jen's Secret

Jeannette Ratajczyk
Together for nearly 8 years

Live in seperate houses! LOL Okay, seriously, I don't know that there is a "secret" as Rick and I both have previously had marriages that lasted 20 years and then suddenly failed. But, I do know for us what works is honesty, patience, a sense of humor and not being ready to throw the towel in when there's a bump in the road. I think that's a lot of society's problem these days, we give up too easily. And the biggest of all is TRUST.

Have an awesome Monday!
Hugs, Keira

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