Sunday, September 30, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday, Glow in the Dark Part 3 of 4

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! :D

Here is part three of another four part arc from of Glow in the Dark, on sale now!
Something could happen to Molly. She couldn’t let her daughter out of her sight. She was all she had besides her family. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust her neighbors, but her gut told her Molly could be in real danger.
Corey searched the yard and the open garage. There was no sign of her daughter or her friend, Raphael.

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I have seen a huge increase in sales since I started Six Sentence Sunday. Thank you to the Triple S ladies and everybody that stopped by, and the buyers. I love you :)

Have an awesome Sunday!


  1. Oh no! What's happened to Molly? She seems afraid rather than concerned, which makes me want to know what is behind her fears. Nice 6.