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The Saturday Saloon:Stoli

Welcome to The Saturday Saloon. Today we are studying one of my favorite liquors. Stolichnaya. Lovingly entitled Stoli here in America.


Stolichnaya vodka is a "classic." The taste is as biting and distinct as ever, praised for "potency," and noticed "hints of charcoal" in its flavor (Stolichnaya is filtered through quartz, cloth, and Siberian birch charcoal).


*Note: In US, Stolichnaya's name is Stoli.


History in USA: In 1972 Pepsi brokered a multimillion dollar trade deal to import Stolichnaya vodka from the USSR.





Originated in Moscow State Wine warehouse in 1901, Stolichnaya Vodka is produced in a small town known as Tambov, in the black earth region of Russia known as Russia’s bread-basket and is popular for grains irrigation and vodka production. The Distillery of Stolichnaya Vodka is perhaps the oldest Russian Distillery and as such this Vodka is also known as the classic Russian Vodka. The Vodka lovers call it Stoli with affection.


Stolichnaya Vodka is manufactured from wheat and rye grains which are found in abundance in this region of Russia. This blending of Rye with wheat gives the vodka a spicy finish which is a distinguishing characteristic of Russian Vodkas. Generally Stoli uses winter wheat for Vodka production which is perhaps the best tasting wheat in Russia. It also uses the purest water from the glaciers rather then the generally used processed water in vodka production.

It comes in the following flavors

Wild Cherry
Chocolate coconut
Salted caramel
Chocolate Raspberry
100 proof
Premium (the original flavor we all know and love)


Blend of Wheat and Rye is added with pure glacier water for fermentation which takes about 60 hours to complete. Once fermentation is over the liquid is then distilled four times to make it smooth and pure and then it is diluted with more glacier waters to give perfect smoothness to the Vodka. Finally it is filtered through quartz sand and activated charcoal before filtering it through woven cloth.

Stoli comes with an alcohol level of about 40% and is available in smart bottle designs in various sizes ranging from 50 ml to 1750 ml.

The leading varieties of Stolichnaya vodka are Stolichnaya 75 proof red label, Stolichnaya 100 proof blue label, Stolichnaya 80 proof crystal or gold. Stoli was also the first spirits company of Russia which introduced flavored vodka for its consumers. A full range of eight flavors such as orange, Raspberry, Vanilla, Citrus etc. features a quality which is made out of natural fruit and herb essences without using any artificial flavors.

The Stolichnaya Vodka provides a very fine spirit for cocktails and mixing. They are bartender’s delight as a number of tempting cocktails can be prepared out of Stolichnaya vodka recipes. The After dinner Mint Recipe, The Bay Breeze Recipe, The Black Magic Recipe, The EDO Cocktail recipe are few of the common recipes used by the bartenders and the master mixologists to prepare excellent cocktails using this vodka.

Stolichnaya has a very effective marketing team which has led it to be sold in over 50 countries across the world. At present it has started using short messaging services for its effective marketing campaign. Made from finest ingredients, no wonder Stolichnaya is now world’s largest selling Russian Vodka.

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