Thursday, October 18, 2012

BITTWT:Hssssss! Where Wall Street Vampires Get Their Fangs

Hssssss! Where Wall Street Vampires Get Their Fangs

Father Sebastiaan van Houten, who is neither a priest nor a dentist, is a professional fangsmith — and, he works year-round, not just at Halloween.

He got bit by the vampire bug at age 9 after reading Anne Rice’s vampire novels. You could say he has dentistry in his blood — both his aunt and grandfather were dentists. So, when his grandfather passed away, he tinkered with the dental tools to make himself a pair of fangs and later served as an apprentice to another dentist.
The fangs cost $99 plus tax per pair and are made of  READ MORE...

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  1. That is too cool. I always wanted to get me a pair! Thanks for the great blog.