Sunday, October 7, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday, Glow in the Dark, The End

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! :D

Here is part Four of another four part arc from of Glow in the Dark, on sale now!
She stabbed the back buzzer, several times to no avail. A wave of dizziness rushed over her, but she drew in a deep breath, hoping the spinning would stop. Gripping the frame of the door to steady herself, she clutched her chest with her other hand. Heart racing, sweat poured from her brow. Where was Molly?

A commotion from the alley drew her attention.

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I have seen a huge increase in sales since I started Six Sentence Sunday. Thank you to the Triple S ladies and everybody that stopped by, and the buyers. I love you :)

Have an awesome Sunday!


  1. She really is in a state, isn't she? Her panic over Molly's disappearance is beautifully described. Great six :)

  2. oh heck... what a heart stopping moment. Yikes.

  3. You can really feel the anxiety. Well done. Great six.

  4. Wow, that's intense and you can sense the fear! great six :D

  5. Awesome six. I could sense her fear.