Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Terifying Tuesday: Devil's in the Details

Terrifying Tuesday Presents... Devil’s in the Details, A Horror Anthology by J. Gunn A book of seven short scary tales to stand your hair on end, make you rethink reality, watch the people more closely who sit next to you on the bus, and just all around terrify your every sense. If you love to read about the paranormal or wickedly evil advents of people you didn't know would fall off the sane train this is the book for you.


About Devil in the Details

What’s more tantalizing or titillating on Halloween then bloody corpses, living nightmares, or hatchets used to cut you to pieces? Inside this anthology you will find more than ones fair share of gore, and atrophy. Don’t blame me for what enters your dreams.

Excerpt from Devil's in the Details, Horror Anthology by J. Gunn

The day has come to kill you. Everything about you must die because your very presence on earth is wrong. You have been here without a soul for far too long. This world deserves a chance to live on without you, you evil son of a bitch. I will hunt you and when I find you and yours, you all will die.

I finally found you one day at a place secluded from a lot of other people in the dark; I had searched for what felt like ages. But really it had only been days. I walked out there without shoes and my feet were muddy and bleeding. My white dress draped my small form, clinging to me with sweat from walking all the way into the remote locale that your warehouse fortress had to be.

I walked all the way out there with my hatchet in my hand and murder on my mind. It glistened shining in the moonlight. And I saw a light on in the top floor window of your evil factory.

Grass that crackled on the bottom of my feet crunched as I slowly make my way up to the entrance of your ‘palace.’ I see you sitting with your back to the window and the small pains of glass glow with the light from your lamps.

I decided the place would go up in flames easy enough because the building was very old and I would do that after I killed you. It would be harder to tell who killed you if the evidence was all charred or mostly gone. Fire was like water a renewal source, so when it all burned to the ground it would cleanse the earth of your evil as well.

My small hand griped the hatchet hard and my brown eyes burn with tears of hatred for you and what you’ve done. My tear stained face was filled with emotions of many women all at once living in my head. My light olive skin was dirty and parts of my body are bleeding. My white dress is dirty too; matted with filth of the days and hours it took me to get to you.

I hide now staring up at you from behind a tree closest to the window you sit by. You have no idea I’m here, and certainly no idea that anyone knows about you and what you are, too bad for you but someone found you out and now I’m here to kill you. I see also that you have another with you I think I will go after him first then you. You will be the most fun anyway and why not save the best for last.


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