Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weirdo Wednesday: The Coke Machine

Weirdo Wednesday

Welcome to mall stories, these won’t all be weird, but more often than not they will be.

You will hear many stories of things that happen here in the mall, either inside of our Comic book store or out.

The story of the Coke Machine
 In front of our store are two Coke machines and a candy machine, talk about a lifesaver. Thank God for those. However, sometimes people lose their money. If you have ever used a soda machine anywhere, you know that one time or another you put your dollar in the machine and nothing comes out, no diet Coke, no change...nothing.

Depending on where you are, you either shake the crap out of the machine until something comes out, even if it’s just a penny or some lint. Or simply walk away and say good bye to the $2.00 you placed in the machine. You might even kick it...but you get over it.

This woman last week lost her money in the Coke machine and became very angry. She did all that I mentioned, and then she called up someone and was complaining. She left and came back with some friends. They all tried to get her money out and they made phone calls, then she went to security on the other side of the mall and came back and complained on the phone to someone how security wouldn’t help her get her money back. This went on for over an hour and a half, and by the end she had 6 people with her, all complaining. Then what I heard next, I just couldn’t believe, and I thought I had seen and heard it all...

She called the police...
Keira Kroft
P.S. I got ta get me one of these.

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