Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weirdo Wednesday: The Cubby Hole

Welcome to mall stories, these wont all be weird, but more often than not they will be.

Weirdo Wednesday: The Cubby Hole
 What happens when you mix dumbass women with an empty cubicle in the mall hallway?

Have you guessed yet? If you have guessed that they have changed clothes, stripped down to their bras and dry humped their boyfriends, you would be correct.

For a number of years straight in front of our store there was a phone booth sized cubicle. So we have been witness to more than several women changing completely from one outfit to another, and woman swapping tops and couples thinking they can be “romantic” when only one of them fit. The problem is that it’s not very deep and has no front, so anyone sitting in our store, anyone coming though the hallway right there could totally see everything going on.

Thank God since then, they have filled the empty hole in the wall with a candy machine.. It looks very nice and it has really yummy candy, *smiles*. Ironically today something has happened to the candy machine and it’s gone. Once again the space is vacant. Already today some man went in there and fixed his pants. I sure hope that vending machine comes back…and soon!

Seriously, now granted I have a store in a mall, but generally speaking, isn’t it common knowledge, that a mall has several bathrooms and changing rooms?

This one time two girls decided to swap their didn’t have a bra...
Keira Kroft

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