Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weirdo Wednesday: Dumbass

Welcome to mall stories, these wont all be weird, but more often than not they will be...

 Weirdo Wednesday: Dumbass

A teenager, none the less, but still a dumbass, ran straight through an Aldi grocery store sign at our mall, in the hallway right in front of our store. He broke it of course. They (Aldi Employee's) mickey moussed it together and put it back up. The same kid came and ran through it, the very next day.
It didn’t break, it popped clean out of the holder. I called security and they came, right away. But a man was there already making the boy pick the sign up and put it back together, when they arrived. It was a 6 foot sign that slid into a frame, it was a huge pain in the ass to put back together with two people, but with one, it was almost impossible.
Security attempted to help the teen, but the man said, "no, let him do it himself, it’s the only way that he will learn." I figured it was his dad, but it turned out that it was a police officer that had been watching him. Dumbass had been doing this in other malls, all across the state. How board do you have to be to take a running leap through a sign? And travel from mall to mall to do it?
If you have a "Dumbass" story I would love to hear it.

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  1. gotta wonder....was there another teenager in the background, filming the whole thing? Might be wise to search YOUTUBE for kid jumping through Aldi sign LOL