Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weirdo Wednesday:Photo Booth

Welcome to Weirdo Wednesday, were I will be posting stories of things that happen here in the mall either inside of our comic book store or out. These won’t all be weird, but more often than not they will be.

The Photo Booth

I am so glad that the mall took out the photo booth out from in front of our store. We used to get teens that thought it was funny, to pose in lewd positions, moon the camera (gross) and show their boobs like it was Spring Break. One time a woman thought it would be cool to take her clothes off for pictures.

Ummm...that would have probably been okay, because the curtain covers you up pretty good. But the TV screen on the side that shows every single thing that goes on in the booth...not so fine.

So I beg the question... Would you pose nude in a mall Photo Booth?

Keira Kroft!/KeiraKroft66


  1. HELL NO!!! that wee camera wouldn't have a wide enough angle to get 'everything' in the shot anyway, so it would be a useless endeavor!

    In all seriousness, though -- what are folks thinking. I'm too paranoid that someone has access to all that is recorded in those things to even consider it.

  2. JoAnne Kenrick, the downside to that, is all it takes is your face and you can be posted anywhere, on anything and anyone’s body. In fact you’re a famous, porn star here in Chicago, lol. I joke, but it's a scary thought. And really true in todays' technological world. It’s a real fear.