Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Sharon Schofield, We all adore you!

Today is the awesome Sharon Schofield's Birthday! 
The most beloved lady on Facebook! She is a wonderful, supportive mother and a great friend.

Party hosted by Keira Kroft :)

Hey look everyone, Sharon is arriving :)

The tables are set and waiting! Please take a seat...

But, First let’s have some cocktails

There is Wine

For the male guests there is Beer :)

Hard Liquor

Jello Shots

Some music

All the cats in the neighborhood came to sing!

Savannah has arrived

Keira is smashed already

My Partner at Hellfire Publishing is here and she brought her own cup... and a Dog?

Joe has arrived...

Joe, it's not your Birthday suit required. 
It's Sharon's Birthday... 
Okay leave them off, lol :D

The infamous Hellfire Publishing waiters are here...

Then the feast

Time for presents…

she has to open mine first…. :-D

Time for cake

Where did the Birthday girl go?

Joe say's..."that woman is relentless", he needs time hydrate :)

Ooooh my... Sharon liked her present :)

I hope you have all enjoyed the party!
Happy Birthday Sharon, you are the best! :)