Thursday, June 20, 2013

Goodreads Party this Sunday.

To better connect with our readers, Hellfire Publishing has opened a Goodreads group. To kick that off. We will be having one of our famous E-Parties, Sunday June 23rd at Goodreads. Everyone that comes will be given a free eCopy of the Hellfire Publishing book of their choice.

We will also be implementing a “Bring a Friend Program,” introduced at the Good reads party and will become a part of other future Hellfire Publishing events. Everyone that comes to the party receives a free Ebook... Bring a friend and you will get to pick two eBooks, bring two friends and get three books and so on and so forth. This and all other party information will be announced at a later date at the above addressees.

As of today, anyone that signs up for our mailing list on the Hellfire Publishing website will be put in for a chance to win a customer appreciation basket that will include novel and comic book lover related items and will find itself in the hands of one lucky fan at our Goodreads group party.

If you can’t make it to the party go ahead and sign up ahead a time, for your free Ebook and sign up for our mailing list for a chance at that basket at at any time prior to the official party date.

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