Monday, February 10, 2014

Review for Edward McKeown

Red Wine Book Reviews was created by Keira Kroft as way to still help out authors, after the closing the Publishing company that she co-owned and ran, Hellfire Publishing.

Featuring the review of Fearful Symmetry by Keira Kroft 

Fearful Symmetry
by Edward McKeown


"Having survived the nightmare world of Enshar, Robert Fenaday abandons privateering and his quest for his lost wife to begin life anew with the genetically engineered assassin, Shasti Rainhell. But spymaster Mandela has other plans for the pair, intrigue and murder on Shasti’s home planet of Olympia. Fenaday must fight his way to Shasti, facing her deadly creator and an alien mystery that could destroy the Confederacy." 

Review for Fearful Symmetry

 This has been described as space opera;  Read More