Review by Sarah: I loved this book! I thought it might be another cheesy mystery romance novel. But it wasn't. I thought the characters and the situations were believable. It was the kind of book I couldn't wait to get back to. I finished it in 24 hours and it left me wanting to read more from Kiera Kroft. Which I will be doing in the near future.

Review by Lisa: OMG didn't see the end coming at all! Well, one part I had thought possible but the other not at all. This book is full of suspense with a touch of romance added to the mix. LOVED IT!!
Corey has been plagued by nightmares, health issues and bad decisions most of her life. As she finally ventures out on her own, with her daughter, she meets hunky firefighter Jake. Is her life finally taking a turn for the better?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Romance, mystery, suspense June 9, 2012

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I was gripped by this story from the beginning. Corey is a fascinating character, and Jake is a dreamy firefighter hero. There is lots of mystery here, and every time you think you have it figured out something changes. Great balance between romance and suspense, and I would definitely read more of her books.
4.0 out of 5 stars Glow in the Dark, July 4, 2012
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This review is from: Glow in the Dark (Kindle Edition)
Glow in the Dark is one of those books that encompasses more than one genre. It is a Romance, suspense, and mystery. It is a story of a young single mother with serious health problems and a beautiful young daughter whom she adores, and a group of hunky firemen. She has family support, a dedicated friend and a job and lives in a nice little apartment next door to her family. So, now what can go wrong in this "perfect" life? Read it and join Corey (Mom), Molly (child) and Mr. Fuzzybottoms (the cat) in discovering who wants this little family life to end. A truly compelling read.
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Determined to be out from her mother’s ruling and no-good soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, Corey Nolan exercises her independence with a place to call her own and a job that doesn’t pay well, but it takes care of the rent and she enjoys it. Her life is full and her young daughter is happy, there is no room for distractions, until she meets a local firefighter—who stirs an immediate forbidden attraction. In need for control, she tries to ignore Jake Gilroy, but circumstances bring her closer to him when someone is hell bent on destroying her.
Dutiful playboy Jake is known as the smoking hot fireman. First time he sets eyes on Corey, he knows he wants her, but when threats and strange occurrences start to happen, he finds the need to protect her and give more than he’s ever given any another woman.
Being together maybe more than they bargained for, when their desire for each other becomes a matter of life and death…
Corey is working hard to see that her daughter, Molly, is healthy and happy. She finds a job nearby and a house close to her mother where she can be independent but still have someone to look after Molly. I really related to Corey. She is a strong woman that has made some bad choices and has baggage that makes your heart ache for her. She fights for what she wants and struggles to overcome with a passion that had me rooting for her throughout Glow in the Dark.

Jake is a sexy firefighter at a local firehouse. Corey meets him and his friends early on and has some more tough decisions to make. Jake and his buddies take an instant liking to Corey. They hang out with her a few times and the attraction keeps getting hotter as circumstances keep putting them together, but they are reluctant to take it to the next step for a while. I had mixed feelings about Jake. At times, he seemed way too good to be true and at times he was a real jerk.

Glow in the Dark has a lot of action and plot twists. I don’t want to give away too much but, Glow in the Dark touched my heart on the first page and kept a fast paced mystery, romance throughout the book. It seems someone is out to hurt Corey and her family, but she can’t imagine who it could be. Corey’s network of family and friends is a great support system for her through these troubled times but can they help her?

I was sad to reach the end of Glow in the Dark. I wanted to continue being a part of Corey’s life. Keira Kroft has a new spot on my shelves of books as I look forward to reading more of her stories. Glow in the Dark is a must read for anyone that likes a sweet romance with suspense and surprise twists.