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This Page is devoted to Blood is Thicker Than Water, Thursday's. For easy access to all things Vampyre.

Blood is Thicker Than Water Thursday’s—This day is devoted to Vampires and the like.

Do Vampires really exist? What do you think? Wait! Before you answer, read the story of Mercy Brown.

Mercy Brown
It was January 17th, 1892 in the small town of Exeter, Rhode Island, when Mercy Lena, the daughter of farmer Brown, fell victim to the unfortunate fate of death. The epidemic of Consumption took her life when she was only 19 years old. The cold winter weather made it difficult to bury her in the frozen grave, so she was placed in a crypt, close to the corpses of her mother and sister that had been laid to rest years earlier after their battle with Consumption. Not long after her death, Mercy’s older brother Edwin had succumbed quickly to the same disease that took his family, and claimed that one night he had felt Mercy sitting on his chest, trying to take his life away. Townspeople started experiencing strange sitings of Mercy, seeing her walking around the cemetery and in the farm fields. The town concluded that Mercy must have been a vampire and had returned from the grave to unleash her curse on the rest of her family, taking their life force away one by one.

Cases of vampirism were taken very seriously, so two months after her death, Mercy’s father had a few town officials and a physician from Wickford, Dr. Metcalf, go to the crypt and put an end to the matter. They dug up Mercy’s dead mother and sister to make sure that they were each not the vampire responsible for the Brown family curse. Their bodies were decaying at the anticipated rate, so it could be concluded that they were not vampires. However, when they opened Mercy’s coffin, they were overcome by shock and fear because of the image that lay before them. She had shifted positions in her coffin and her face was flush, her skin intact, and her nails and hair had noticeably grown. They then sliced her body open and discovered that her heart and other organs were full of liquid blood. These were all telltale signs that Mercy Lena Brown was a vampire, immortalized and determined to kill all of her lasting family members.

To ensure that Mercy would never arise from her coffin again, they immediately burned her heart on a nearby rock. Some of her ashes were given to Edwin to eat, for it had been said that consuming a vampire’s ashes would cure one of their curse. Only this remedy was not successful for poor Edwin and he died shortly after. Mercy’s lasting remains were then properly buried under a gravestone that still stands to this day. Some say that if you visit her grave at night, you can see her apparition in the form of a glowing orb or, if you are lucky, as a ghostly figure of her human body. Others have experience unexplainable car problems while passing the cemetery were she resides. Even long after her death, her legend and spirit continue to haunt the people of New England.

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It’s Inamorata Day! Yey!


Inamorata definition:

A female lover or a woman who is loved.

Laura Easter lives in and owns a comic book store in mall. If you asked Laura what she suggests you read. She would tell you the Avengers Sanction; it is a comic book that will lead into the biggest story of the summer, Avengers Vs. X-men. That’s going to be legendary.

 Laura Easter ~ Inamorata

Anna Claire is the immortal house maid to the Sturdevant clan. Over the following months she will share recipes and cleaning tips.

 How to store your Vampire

You need a cool dry place free of clutter and sunlight. This can be either a traditional coffin, an underground box or even a sealed bedroom is okay.

Perhaps one of the first questions asked about vampires is the nature of their sleeping habits. Where do vampires sleep? Do vampires have to sleep in coffins? Are vampires only able to sleep under a layer of dirt? Must vampires sleep during the day?

Do vampires sleep at all?

This is one of those cases where it depends on which variety of vampire to which you’re referring. If you’re talking about the fictional Twilight vampires then the answer is a resounding, no, they do not require sleep. This isn’t the case with real vampires.

Unfortunately, not every real vampire is a cookie cutter copy of the next so there’s no general rule they all follow when it comes to sleep.

Basically, vampires are just regular people who have an energy deficiency. Like other living creatures, vampires need sleep, too.

Anna Claire~Inamorata

Complete synopsis

Inamorata is the first Novel in the “One Bloody Night Series”.

They are supposed to be low key and get their nightly fix from a bag. But what if they could spend a cozy evening eating an old fashioned meal and then when they were done they would simply set the place on fire and walk away—no one would be the wiser?

That’s the plan when a group of rogue Vampires has poisoned the entire security staff at a Christmas Eve party at a mall in Chicago and proceed to take over for the evening and feast upon their own kind of tradition, four house keepers, a maintenance man, a girl who lives in the mall, a lonely late night worker and a couple who have escaped to the department store where she works so their spouses wouldn’t be privy to their affair and some other delightfully unexpected guests.

Everything goes exactly as they expected until the group leader Lucius Sturdevant, and second oldest Vampire to date, realizes that the woman that lives in the Comic book store that is trying to figure out how to kill him is the reincarnation of Laura, the love of his life, that died in his arms of old age, because he didn’t have the heart to turn her.

Coming Late Fall/Winter 2012
There will be in-depth pieces, interviews, links and deep exploring into all that is Vampire, every Thursday right here on Keira’s Corner. Where Vampires are always welcome.

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The next few Thursday's, I will be specifically discussing fictional vampires. I will be discussing different vamps in books, TV and movies. Today’s Top is...The Twilight Empire.

I didn’t like it.

Twilight is a young-adult vampire-romance novel by author Stephanie Meyer. It is the first book of the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year-old Isabella "Bella" Swan, who moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington and finds her life in danger when she falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. The novel is followed by New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

It became an instant bestseller when published originally in hardback in 2005, debuting at #5 on the New York Times Best Seller list within a month of its release and later peaking at #1That same year, Twilight was named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Children's Books of 2005The novel was also the biggest selling book of 2008 and the second biggest selling of 2009, only behind its sequel New Moon. It has been translated into 37 different languages.

When first published, Twilight gained much critical acclaim. Critics often described it as a "dark romance that seeps into the soul" and praised it for capturing "perfectly the teenage feeling of sexual tension and alienation". On the other hand, in more recent reviews, some critics thought that Bella's appeal to Edward was "based on magic rather than character" and that Bella is a weak female character. However, almost all critics, whether they acclaimed the novel or not, agreed that it was a literary phenomenon.

A film adaptation of Twilight was released in 2008. It was a commercial success, grossing more than $392 million worldwide and an additional $157 million from North American DVD sales, as of July 2009.

The next few of weeks, I will be discussing fictional vampires. I will be discussing different vamps in books, TV and movies. Today’s Top is...The Twilight Movie

So why didn’t I like it? I didn’t care for it personally, because they romanticized vampires, although we adore the idea, that a vampire can love human beings and they can. They are still monsters and not warm fuzzy teenagers. And for the love of God, they don’t sparkle in the sun! They fry up like a log on a fire. But I do admire the bravery of trying something new with such an old lure. People in general are going to be stand-offish and others will love it. Case in point Twilight :) What do you think of Twilight?
There will be in-depth pieces, interviews, links and deep exploring into all that is Vampire, every Thursday right here on Keira’s Corner. Where Vampires are always welcome.

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The next few Thursday's, I will be specifically discussing fictional vampires. I will be discussing different vamps in books, TV and movies. Today’s Top is...Interview with a Vampire.

One of my favorite books and movies...Interview With The Vampire.

Interview with the Vampire is a vampire novel by Anne Rice written in 1973 and published in 1976. It was the first novel to feature the enigmatic vampire Lestat, and was followed by several sequels, collectively known as The Vampire Chronicles. A film version, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles was released in 1994 starring Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater and Tom Cruise.

To date, the novel has sold some 8 million copies worldwide.

I loved this book, it was a head of it’s time and pulled you in. Well written and a great concept. I am not a Cruise fan per say. But he did a hell of job in the movie adaption. And of course, who doesn’t like Brad?

What did you think of Interview With The vampire?

The story behind Vampire Vineyards

Rumor has it that the Vampire Vineyards are actually owned by a circle of vampires and our company’s founder, Michael Machat, an entertainment attorney from New York, is actually just a front. Whether he and his convertible were commandeered by a Vampire is still a subject for debate. The truth may never be known, but we do know however that Michael first began talking about branding wine with the vampire Mark back in 1985 after picking up a mysterious hitch-hiker on a late night drive through the pitch black Nevada desert.

Shortly thereafter our first modern day Vampire Wine product was introduced. It was a Syrah, of Algerian origin, that was bottled in France. In 1988, we sold the first five hundred bottles of this cuvee to Alice Cooper and MCA Records in London, England, and began offering the wine in high-end London wine shops, including Selfridges.

Owing to the nomadic nature of vampires in general, within a year of the Algerian release, the Vampire Board of Directors voted to move production to Verona, Italy – home of Romeo and Juliet. Their familiars began planting Sangiovese (Italian for blood of Jove), and in 1989 Mr. Machat arranged for the sale of some 672 bottles of this Vampire Sangiovese to be shipped from Europe to the Anne Rice Fan club in New Orleans.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, when raves and house music were the rage in London, Mr. Machat met up again with the hitchhiker from the Nevada desert. It was at 4:30 am, at a rave on an unsuspecting farmer’s property. At the time Machat was tending to the careers of Adamski and Seal, whom he managed and whose song “Killer” was topping the European charts. No one knows what was said,— and not even the UK’s No. 1 Rock and Roll Lady,
Lisa Dominique, who would soon become his wife, could seduce the scary truth out of Mr. Machat (as far as we know). We do know however that after the rave, Machat suddenly announced another change in production. This time, the vampires were going back to Transylvania.

The Berlin Wall had come down, and Transylvania was a free land once more. Machat fought his way through the chaos that resulted from the perils of communism —fighting off wolves, gypsies and thieves along the way. After years of closed darkness, the Transylvania people had become as afraid of Westerners as Westerners were afraid of Vampires. Machat persuaded friends to risk their souls and join the quest. First to enlist was Leo Adelman, back in 1994, who assumed the role of banker to the vampires. Then, Don Lewis in 1997, who became the graphic designer of choice for the immortals. Mark Morton joined in 2002, as the mortal who would exponentially increase sales to mortals and immortals alike, and Inayat Ishaak joined in 2003 as the mortal responsible for running and controlling the vampire’s finances.

The early trips to Transylvania were treacherous to the psyche, and some came home with haunting dreams of the insanity they left behind. But by mid 1995, the blood of the vine began to stealthily trickle through New York and small pockets of America, becoming a prized possession for those in the know. The wine was coveted by those “in the know”, who hoarded it as quickly as it was produced. At the turn of the millennium, Faith Popcorn, the leading futurist and Nostradamus of marketing prophesized that Vampire Wine would spread and become a trend. Her prophecy came true.

Soon thereafter, the blood of the vine appeared in Maxim, Elle, and In Style magazines, and was broadcast on CNN Headline News, Food TV and MTV. Sales grew to 600,000 bottles per year. Then unexpectedly, in September of 2006, while the Machats were dining at Spagos, an unexpected guest joined them at dinner. The dark hitchhiker had new directions. The Vampires were packing up and moving once again – this time to Paso Robles, California – half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Not far from the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by hills full of intricate winding caves, this was a perfect hideout for vampires. Rural, but just 200 miles from two major metropolitan areas, it was also chosen because it is a perfect location in case the vampires get hungry.

At Creston, where the wine is bottled, the mortal population is a mere 1303 people. So with scarce notice, Machat went out and recruited two well recognized wine makers to create the perfect blends for his discerning clientele. Due to reasons pertaining to confidentiality, and for the winemakers' own protection from other envious vampires, the winemaker names cannot currently be revealed. Suffice it to say however, that the lead winemaker recently received a rating of 96 from the Wine Spectator – a grade almost unheard of. The new Vampire wines from Paso Robles are light years ahead from the wines from the past. Our most demanding clientele would have it no other way. Sip the Blood of the Vine and Enjoy!

Check out this awesome website...

Hssssss! Where Wall Street Vampires Get Their Fangs

Father Sebastiaan van Houten, who is neither a priest nor a dentist, is a professional fangsmith — and, he works year-round, not just at Halloween.

He got bit by the vampire bug at age 9 after reading Anne Rice’s vampire novels. You could say he has dentistry in his blood — both his aunt and grandfather were dentists. So, when his grandfather passed away, he tinkered with the dental tools to make himself a pair of fangs and later served as an apprentice to another dentist.
The fangs cost $99 plus tax per pair and are made of READ MORE...

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